Monday, 9 July, 2007

LSM leader was ordered to quit from 4 districts of Gujarat by Narmada Collector;

Dear Friends, Leader of Lok Sangharsh Morcha Bhikhu Bhai Tadvi was ordered byNarmada district Collector to quit his home district Narmada for twoyears. This order applies to the nearby districts of Vadodara, Surat,and Bharuchh. Bhikhu Bhai is a popular Tribal leader and Nationalsecretaries of LSM, with no criminal background whatsoever. He hasbeen erroneously charged for instigating the tribal for spreadingNaxalite activities in the area.As you might be knowing that LSM held its National Conference (17-18March, 07) recently at Sagbara (Gujarat) which was attended by 45thousand Tribal and other deprived people from across the country.Several national leaders from left and democratic forces addressed theconference. Bhikhu Bhai was prominent amongst the organizers.Friends, this has not happened for the first time with LSM leaders.You are aware that Suman Bhai Vasawa president of the Gujarat unit ofLSM was arrested by Gujarat police in year 2006 under PASA a draconianlaw, like TADA, on some false allegations. He was released after 50days in detention. About 5 thousand workers of LSM were arrested whilecelebrating the birth anniversary of Shahide- Azam Bhagat Singh on 28September 2006 at Dediapada in Gujarat. The public meetings organizedby LSM have been banned several times by Gujarat police in the past.On the one hand LSM is gaining more popularity and overwhelmingsupport from Tribal community in south Gujarat; on other hand theGovernment of Gujarat is continuously attacking and indulging in falsecases against the leaders of LSM in a desperate fashion.Villagers of Halgampadi, talluka- Sagbara were attacked on 7th July,07 by Gujarat police and forest officials during the cultivation oftheir land. Many have been severely injured including dozen of women.Among the injured villagers are Mangalaben Sunil, indiraben chhagan,kamlaben ravidas, gujraben kusa, gulwantiben geba, ukariben kuwanrSingh, minaxiben dasarath, shakuntalben kamlesh, segiben govind,jamunaben anand, Vijay Singh jatriya, dasarath lama, santosh nonsingh, arvind kochya, chhagan rupji.As you all aware the assembly election is being scheduled for themonth of Number-December 2007. LSM has already made the call to allits allies and the people to defeat the anti-democratic communalgovernment currently in powerWe would like to request you kindly write a protest letter toGovernment of Gujarat, the Governor of Gujarat and District Collectorof Narmada to stop the repression continuing on tribal as well aswithdrawal of action taken by Narmada district collector against Bhikhu Bhai immediately.

Governor's Email--- Phone /Fax No- 079-23260110/23243171-172-173
Chief Minister's Email? Fax No.?079-23222101/23222020District
collector Narmada?Fax No.?02640-222161Telephone No.?02640-222171

With regards,
Ambarish Rai Pratibha Shinde
President Gen.Secretary


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