Monday, 18 February, 2008

View on Regionalism! Case history-Maharashtra

Even after so many years of independence, I think we still are missing the cord of feeling like a nation. In each and every part of our country, now and then, the demon of fraction/partition appears. We can see the example of Maharashtra, Assam, Delhi, Orissa, Gujraat and many more places. Somewhere people were targeted as being minorities, somewhere being Bihari and somewhere for being Dalits. Women and children are the worst hit, I need not to say in all these occurances. So who were left. A handful of people! Who still want to dominant and rule on the society as they were doing since last thousands of years. Although they are spread over in all political outfits but they have a plateform of there own named RSS with its sister, doughter, brother and son organizations. The politics of hatred is not new for our country and till when it is going to be there. We will lag far behind as a nation in imperial experience.
And the causes are really bullshit. They claim that Biharis, Minorities are claiming there opportunities. But no body try to put his or her finger on the other communities who are in bussiness and intelligentia and they are really very powerful. They never touch a Marbadi or Bengali for that reason, who are spread over the country. Why only Bihari's and Minoritoies are on their Radar? This is a question we should ask to ourselfs first then to others. We will come on any possible solution only when we can satisfy ourselves with some answer first rather than just questioning others. Because its our lack of confidence too on these issues which gives them upper hand.
I hope, we will stay and think before questioning others for a possible solution, which lies in our active participation to save the real character of democrary and feel like a nation, as we are supposed to apart from cricket.


Mrityunjay Prabhakar