Monday, 9 July, 2007


It is reprehensible that UK is poised to exploit the poor Gurkhas of Nepal, this time their women, who have never in history had been pressed to fight for their daily bread.

BBC report is selling the whole project as selling a dream to the Gurkhas, as they will be paid ten times their salaries in Nepal.

One can imagine, what will be the reference salary figure for these poor women, for the British to be boasting about paying them a fortune.

The BBC report does go on to admit that Britain's armed forces are facing shortages while its forces are deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The colonial British had fought world wars in the past by employing colonials in their armies around the world.

With liberated nations, out of their colonial stranglehold, having their own ideas if they should be fighting a colonizing war against oppressed people of their own kind, like those in Iraq and Afghanistan, who are illegally invaded, in blatant wars of conquests, the British attempt to press and exploit Gurkha women to fight their illegal wars, is sure to be opposed by the whole comity of non-aligned nations of the world, who cannot be fooled with the propaganda blitz by the likes of Bush and Blair to sell their cruel killing expeditions in Iraq and Afghanistan as some noble cause that should be supported rest of the gullible world.

US, UK and their allies should be made to pay for the blood of the innocent they shed on foreign soil, where they had or have no right to even step on.

It is here that Non-alignment Movement will become more and more relevant, for its members. India has been very farsighted in shooting down Condoleezza Rice's audacious demand that India should better disband the whole movement.

By Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

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