Thursday, 3 May, 2007

First wish from Sehar

Hi Everybody,

This is a bilinguial blog (Hindi and English) created for a specific purpose to read, write and share experience on Indian Art Forms whether Performing, Visual or Film, including Literature, Social Sciences and Contemporary social issues highlighted through various methods including journalistic writings. All persons with interest in these fields are requested to contribute to this blog and even create their own account. You are free to submit and download even clipings of your own art practice of all these art genres. We feel proud in including your video footage and sound recording to propagate you and your art practice through this blog.
But healthy discussions are always fruitful for our democracy and we need to stick to that. As for our concern and thrust we want to bring to you a 'public sphere' in the form of this blog, in the words of Jugar Hebermas.
I hope we together only can meet the challenge of the forthcoming time and make it appropriate for us rather than let it be worse. Art is always deeply concerned with the human civilization and through it human's have always voiced. Once again it is the need of the time to express ourself more and more with the power of aesthetic, reason and truth to handover the future in our own hands.

Your's Own

Mrityunjay Prabhakar

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