Sunday, 23 September, 2007

The High Court of Rajasthan steps in to expose Urmul Trust's ill deeds

It is an open fact that there is very little control over the NGOs by the State and that most of the NGOs have become a law unto themselves and that mere lip service is being offered to agendas relating to real community development in whose name millions of rupees is being pumped in every year. There is every need for NGOs to become accountable towards the communities whom they claim to represent. The need of the hour is for the Govt. to introduce laws/system mechanisms that is utmost necessary for regulating these so called ‘civil societies’.

Keeping in mind the need for the much needed social reforms within the NGOs of Rajasthan, a D.B. Civil Writ has been filed in the High Court of Judicature for Rajasthan at Jodhpur pointing out the serious irregularities being committed by Urmul Rural Health Research and Development Trust, Bikaner (Urmul Trust) under the stewardship of Sh. Arvind Ojha as the Secretary.

The Public Interest Litigation attempts to expose the inside story of how Mr. Ojha, holding the post of an ordinary cooperative inspector at Urmul Dairy, Bikaner and using all his influence with powerful Govt. bureaucrats including the IAS/RAS lobbies, gets himself deputed (and that too, the deputation lasting for over two decades!) to a private NGO, Urmul Trust, rises up above all laws, takes all national and international funding agencies for a ride and earns a name for himself as an "honest, committed, transparent, democratic and selfless social worker" and the "champion of the downtrodden".

In this connection, the honorable judges of the Hon. High Court, Hon. Justice Mr. P.B. Majumdar and Hon. Justice Mr. Dev Narayan Thanvi have found prima facie evidence against the gross misdeeds committed by Mr. Arvind Ojha and has passed orders on the 14th of September 2007 for issuing notices to the non-petitioners including the (1) Chief Secretary, Rajasthan, (2) Dist. Collector, Bikaner, (3) CMH&O, Bikaner, (4) Director General of Police, Jaipur, (5) Director, C.B.I., New Delhi, (6) Inspector General of Stamps, Ajmer, Rajasthan, (7) Principal, Medical College, Bikaner, (8) Managing Director, Urmul Dairy, Bikaner, (9) Sh. Ashok Shekhar, I.A.S., (10) Asst. Commissioner, Devasthan, Bikaner, (11) Commissioner, Devasthan Dept. Udaipur, (12) Superintendent of Police, Bikaner, (13) Registrar, Cooperative Society, Jaipur, (14) Ms. Karin Potma, Financial Officer, Oxfam Novib, The Netherlands, (15) Director, FCRA Division, Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi, (16) Managing Director, RCDF, Jaipur, (17) M/s Daiya & Tiwari Associates, Chartered Accountants for Urmul Trust, (18) Secretary, Colonization Dept., Jaipur, (19) Commissioner, Colonization Dept., Bikaner, (20) Registrar, Societies Registration, Cooperative Dept, Bikaner etc. for filing their replies against the charges made in the Civil Writ by the 30th of October 2007.

This news was prominently covered by all the leading dailies as well as eminent TV news channels on the 15th and the 16th of September 2007.

P.S : Kindly note that this info. is being shared with you as we feel together, we can prevent the rot which is at present giving the civil societies a bad name. It is high time that the goodwill of the NGOs is restored back. This forum is not anti-NGOs. We are anti-dishonest, corrupt NGOs with hidden agendas. There can be no argument about the necessity for NGOs in the country’s present context….but…ONLY honest NGOs please…

For Social Workers Forum, Rajasthan
Advocate Mukesh Sharma & Anil Purohit, Writ Petitioners

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js said...

What a crap we are reading on Sehar Time. who are these guyz blaming the whole NGO community. WHO ARE THEY? FROM WHERE DO THEY BELONG? they have no rights to write for any organisation. Mr. Ojha is a veteran social activist and as a student of social works we do believe in his works and ideas. we all respect him a lot. this is really disheartening to read nonsense like this. WE all social work students can never read the words that are written gere at sehar time...
Students-MSW, social work, Delhi.